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Coworking space in Flagler Village

Whether it's space to get your work done or space to bring your clients together, our membership plans offer several tools to facilitate the success of businesses of marginalized communities like yours.

event support (Fundraising, logistics, & more)

FlockFest (video footage from 2018 shown here) and the first-ever Hialeah Pride festival were our first two major event clients. Whether developing your event plan for fast city approval or getting you a $20,000 sponsor, events are def one of our "things," so to speak... 💅🏻😉🎉

Bryan Wilson, M.S. Ed.
founder, mover, shaker, consultant extraordinaire

Bryan has been working in the nonprofit/community sector since he was 13 years of age. As a teenager, he led a struggling theater group to keep a Fine Arts Summer Camp and theater classes throughout the school year available to youth aged 5-18; he knew from personal experience how necessary it is to have a safe and accepting social space to explore one’s abilities and grow more healthily into adulthood. Bryan obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University where he studied Vocal Performance and Sociology. In Nashville, both on-campus and off, he continued his work with community groups and organizations to serve and continue to learn from the experience(s) of those in his local communities.


In 2012 Bryan began working with SunServe, the leading LGBTQI social services organization in South Florida; he was empowered to develop programming for SunServe, write grants for what would become six departments, and increase community awareness of the agency. In this role, his passion was to open programs targeting often-neglected groups, such as sexual minority women, the trans community, nonbinary/gender-nonconforming youth.


In the end, Bryan found his calling to be in community work, rather than in the spotlight on an opera stage. He pursued and obtained a Master’s in Community & Social Change from University of Miami. He was serving as the Director of Grants and Advocacy when he left SunServe after six and a half years of service to increase the scope of his work. Inspired by the success of his efforts and fueled by a desire to reach communities everywhere, Bryan created 4 A New Dawn Consulting as a vehicle to inspire change in a more global capacity and help others to see their dreams come to fruition as they achieve their mission(s).

Clint Acosta
founder, consultant, sci-fi enthusiast

Clint found his desire to affect change in the world through his personal experiences of growing up in the South. During his attendance of a satellite campus of University of South Carolina, Clint found opportunities to raise awareness and provide safe havens for the LGBTQI community around him through the University’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). As Vice President, Clint helped to organize events ranging from a National Coming Out Day Festival on the Quad, a drag show fundraiser, voter registration drives, the implementation of a Safe Zone program, and a group trip to nearby UNC-Asheville’s National Gay and Lesbian Conference.  Believing that all things are connected in this universe, Clint seeks to take what he learned from his experiences in fighting for LGBTQI rights and apply it to the support of all marginalized groups of people.